Would reading app reviews be beneficial for selecting the proper mental health platform for one’s specific needs?
The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered mental health issues among individuals all over the world. Due to the increased demand for treatment, it is crucial that innovative online mental health care be introduced to existing treatment plans.

The Problem:

The outbreak of COVID-19 has triggered a slew of mental health issues. A large percent of the population has underlying biological and/or psychological risk factors, making them more susceptible to mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and addiction. These issues can be activated by environmental factors such as social isolation…

Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police movements brought the subject of investing in communities mental health to spotlight.

Following the murder of George Floyd in the United States, protests against police brutality have erupted all over the world. Innocent Black men and women are being murdered consistently at the hands of the police due to deep-rooted racism within our society. With the rise of social media, these murders…

OPTT Modern Mental Health Platform

We offer smart care plans to mental health providers to continuously measure, predict and manage patients’ behavioral health needs anytime, anywhere — at scale.

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